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Big Indiana Bass caught at Patton Lake in Morgan County Indiana photo ba81a631-9b2f-4af8-bb88-a11b58291069.jpg  photo DSC00054-1.jpg  photo DSCF5464-1210.jpg Fishers of Men bass tournaments, Indiana photo Boggs_Big_Bass125.jpg  photo FEDERATION_NATION_JUNE_07_TOP_BOATE.jpg

 Above.  Several Indiana bass anglers.  From the weekend angler to the bass pros. Click on images to enlarge.


Indiana Bass Fishing





    Wishing you lots of good fishing, and all big ones !!



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 Bass fishing Indiana.



Whether your a weekend angler, or a bass fishing



 pro, we have tips and tactic's for catching those



 big Indiana Bucket mouths !



We also have a list of Indiana bass clubs with



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J & R Guide Service.   


 Rusty with a couple nice wipers he caught on one of his fishing trips. This guy will put you on the fish.


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 Crooked Creek Lake Crooked Creek Lake 
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Fishing Report
  Crooked Creek Lake (Yellowwood State Forest) was sampled on 6/23/14. Game fish sampled included bluegill, white crappie, redear sunfish, and largemouth bass. Longear sunfish, warmouth, and yellow bullheads were also sampled. Panfish were abundant and mostly on the small side however there are also some very good quality bluegill and redear in the lake with bluegill up to 9.0" and redear up to 10.0" sampled. The majority of largemouth were between 10"-14" with the largest collected measuring 15.7". 


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Some of these are open tournaments, others are



 money tournaments, invitational tournaments,



 and college tournaments. 



I'll try and keep everything up-dated, but that's



 where we need your help to post those



 tournaments, and tournament results.



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Find out what fish are

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Anglers can find out what fish are biting in a certain lake on what bait by looking online at the updated DNR fishing reports. 

The DNR has improved this Web page,, to allow for more information to be easily shared about lakes across the state. 

The new look splits the state into three zones, North, Central, and South. Each zone can be clicked on an interactive map to see all lake reports in that region. A dropdown list of lakes in the system is also available to allow quick specific searches. 

“The new fishing reports system allows DNR staff to provide updates throughout the state,” said Bill James, DNR fisheries chief. “This allows us to get more information to the public on lakes we are surveying in real time, and for anglers to know what is biting throughout the year.” 

The information will be updated toward the end of every week, so anglers will have current information for each weekend. 



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